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Mounting instruction

Mounting instruction

A) DO NOT drill mounting holes [1] in the capstan base (the dirt may get inside and cause seizure).

B) For mounting use:
- 4 M5 screws (capstan K1 and K2)
- 4 M6 screws (capstan K3)

C) Seal with caulking ONLY around mounting holes [1], paying attention not to seal the drain hole [2].

K1, K2

Kabestan K1 i K2


Kabestan K3

D) Capstan does not require lubrication.

E) Screwing down the screw [3] for the last time, make sure that the protective washer [4] is positioned PROPERLY in the socket [5]. If you squeeze the washer too much use the spare one. Proper positioning of the washer protects the screw from unscrewing and loosing the top part of the capstan in result.


Kabestan K1

K2, K3

Kabestan K2 i K3

Detail of the washer and the socket.

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